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    International Aluminium Company is a reliable supplier and a leading manufacturer of aluminum profiles. Since 2002 the company takes a proactive stance at the market producing extrusion profiles of Al-Mg-Si aluminum alloys.

    Vast experience in aluminium profile manufacturing allows us to meet customers’ requirements as well as professional team, modern high-performance equipment, responsive management, up-to-date quality management system, individual approach to each customer, accurate discharge of commitments, flexible price policy, and continuous new technologies implementation. All these allows us to reach a high point of company development, steady market position and to comply the highest quality standards with our products .


    More than 5000 types of aluminium profiles

    We produce profiles for various sectors of economic activity, among them are building, car- and machine-building industry, even more for individual designing pursuant to customer’s drawings and samples.

    We can assist you in developing any desired profile for your business.

    Quality control department (QCD) independently inspects products stage-by-stage throughout full manufacturing cycle against standard compliance.

    Top ranked




    Manufacture of homogenized cylindrical aluminum billets of different diameters


    Extrusion plant

    №1 Extrusion press 6” 1500 US Tonn
    №2 Extrusion press 5” 1000 US Tonn
    №3 Extrusion press 5” 1000 US Tonn
    №4 Extrusion press 9” 4000 US Tonn
    №5 Extrusion press 5” 1000 US Tonn


    Painting plant

    Horizontal painting line. Vertical powder painting line.

    Process Flexibility

    • Five extrusion press lines with different ingoing diameters (5 thru 9 inches)
    • Products made of different alloys with varying heat treatment
    • Availability of making products with non-standard lengths
    • Availability of powder coating products in different RAL colors
    • Making of thermal bridge inserted-composite profile

    Customer-centered approach

    • Individual price policy
    • Customized high-complexity profile production with unique characteristics
    • Clear timeline of production
    • Rapid development of new products
    • Possibility of long-term planning deals
    • Information and communication during orders execution
    0% Flexible Technology
    0% Customization

    Stages of development

    Year of establishment
    Acquired production area 9400 m2
    Equipment improvement
    Start of painted aluminium profiles production and sales
    Staff: 230 employees
    Annual production of 3,500 tons
    Capacity expansion, modernization of equipment
    Introduction of European standards of quality control
    Acquisition of vertical powder coating line
    The newest fifth press line start-up
    Production area expands up to 16,000 m2
    Staff: more than 500 employees. Production volume of more than 15,000 tons, availability of producing at about 20000 tonn under existing capacity.
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    We invite ambitious professional employees with personal high potential social initiative, who are able to support the latest technologies and to work efficiently in our company. Everyone - from employees on the shop floor to senior managers – should work towards the long-term strategic goals of the company.

    We welcome the appearance in our midst every person whose energy, professional knowledge and personal qualities will support high goals and objectives of the company.

    Обращаем Ваше внимание, что отправляя свое резюме, Вы соглашаетесь с обработкой ваших персональных данных, согласно ФЗ № 152-ФЗ «О персональных данных».

    MAK guarantees for all employees:

    • Equal opportunities for career and professional growth
    • Creating a safe and comfortable working conditions
    • Fair wages based on personal achievements, as well as on the results of the company as a whole
    • Attractive wage supplements, benefits package, guarantees and compensations
    • Additional medical care

    Are you ready to develop together with our promising team?
    Please contact our HR manager
    +7 (496) 432-34-21
    Mon-Fri 08:00–18:00
    Please send your CV to email: job@makprof.ru


    Moscow Region,
    Pavlovsky Posad,
    street May 1, Building 105

    Office hours:
    Mon-Fri 08:00–18:00
    Manufacturing and warehouse -
    around the clock.

    Contact phone numbers:
    +7 (495) 995-90-24
    +7 (49643) 2-51-93

    Trading house MAK:
    +7 (495) 995-34-43

    Human Resources Department:
    +7 (49643) 2-34-21

    Questions of cooperation and commercial offers to send mail mak@makprof.ru